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 Infrared Inspections     July 15, 2024  
Electrical/Mechanical Inspections
Building Evaluation Inspections
LEED Verification Inspections
Roof System Evaluations
Facility Risk Management Inspections
Infrared VOC & LDAR Inspections

· Building Condition Surveys

· Energy Evaluations

· LEED Verification Services

· Predictive and Preventive

· Research and Development

· Risk Management / Insurance
  Compliance / Building

· Roof System Evaluations

· VOC Gas Detection and
  Fugitive Emissions

· Reports
Infrared Inspections

"You can't correct what you can't detect..."

Infrared Thermography is a non-destructive testing technique that detects and measures Infrared Radiation. Infrared Radiation is given off by every object and every material we come across in day-to-day life. This radiation is “seen” by the detector in the Infrared camera and turned into a video signal that produces an image.

Once stored, this image can be recalled and analyzed using the temperature data stored within the image. By measuring the “thermal differential” between objects or areas, we are able to find “problems” – hot spots in electrical equipment, moisture in a roof, missing insulation in a home. By noting the “thermal differential” (the difference in temperature between like-objects or areas) we can calculate the SEVERITY of the problem.

Thermography can be used anywhere there is a “thermal differential”. The WassHale Group uses the most advanced thermal imagers available in a quest to provide not only the most accurate information but the most detailed reports in the industry.


The WassHale Group can help you protect your largest assets and save thousands of dollars in maintenance and operating costs.  The WassHale Group offers a vast array of Infrared Inspection Services including:

-Electrical / Mechanical Inspections                   -Building Evaluations

-LEED Certification Verification                            -Roof Systems Evaluations

-Facility Risk Management Assessments         -Infrared VOC & LDAR pre- and post-inspections
In addition, the WassHale Group is experienced in developing targeted Facilities Asset Evaluation Programs that will help protect your buildings and facilities, their components and contents; all of which you are responsible for maintaining and operating. Our Infrared Inspections and customized reports will:
· Help you be Proactive rather than Reactive in maintaining your facilities.

Reduce the risk of Electrical Fire Hazards

· Reduce loss and risk by thoroughly evaluating building components.

· Reduce damage and deterioration to building components and contents.

· Avoid disruption to facilities usage.

· Reduce maintenance and operating costs.

· Assist in budgeting for capital expenditures. 
How YOU can benefit:

With our expertise in property evaluations and the utilization of infrared thermagraphy and thermal imaging the WassHale Group will:
· Identify building problems providing third party risk management analysis.

· Provide non-destructive methods of testing and investigation.

· Provide reports outlining cost efficient solutions and documented cost savings.

· Propose optimal plans of correction.

· Offer recommendations that will reduce overall maintenance and operating costs.