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 Infrared Training     July 15, 2024  
Predictive Maintenance Training
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Energy Audit (RESNET/BPI) Training
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Infrared Training

The WassHale Group offers a wide-variety of Applications Training options in hundreds of locations throughout the year.  Whether you're looking for certification training to increase your knowleged base or that of your employees, or trying to start a program and need a little "in-house" assistance, the WassHale Group has you covered.

On-Site Program Set-up Training

The WassHale Training Group can get your Infrared program up and running with an application- and camera-specific, customized training. We’ll cover the Basics of Infrared, Operator Training on your new camera, Applications Overview, and a “Playing Lesson with the Pro” – a ½ day inspection in your facility to show you HOW to do an inspection and WHAT to inspect. If you’ve already attended a “Level I”, “Building Science”, or “Thermal Imaging for Energy Audits” Certification program we can help you to APPLY what you’ve learned to your Thermogrpahy program.

We feature Industry-specific training at YOUR LOCATION or in YOUR FACILITY. We’ll teach you HOW TO DO AN INSPECTION so you can immediately realize a return on your Infrared Camera investment.

NOTE: Attending a Level I, Thermal Imaging For Energy Audits, or Building Science Certification class conducted by the FLIR Infrared Training Center (ITC) – is HIGHLY recommended either prior to or upon completing any of the WassHale Group Training courses.

Certification Training through the FLIR Infrared Training Center (ITC)

The WassHale Group provides numerous training options to help our customers develop a successful Thermography program – regardless of industry. Training options include Certifications in "Predictive Maintenance" (Levels I, II, III), "Building Science", and "Thermography for Energy Audits - Certification". 

The ITC also offers non-certification application training as well.  Courses such as "GasFindIR", "Roof Moisture Surveys", and "Intro to Residential Energy Audits" are offered throughout the year. 

Click links below to view course descriptions and course calendar:

FLIR (ITC) Level I, II, II Certification Courses

FLIR (ITC) Thermal Imaging For Energy Audits - Certification

FLIR (ITC) Course Calendar